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Cumnock History Group

Cumnock History Group are a constituted Voluntary Group of people of all ages and from all walks of life who all share an interest in the history and heritage of Cumnock and how the past has influenced the present.

Some new updates on the Site!

Cumnock Registers 1882-1892

See where Cumnockians worked, lived, what committees they were on, details of public bodies, clubs and societies and who could vote HERE

Ministers Ninian Bannatyne and James Murray

Some new information of these ministers HERE

Old Cumnock Heritage Trail Leaflet

Now in the Baird and the Library or download the A3 pdf HERE

New Keir Hardie Family Album

This collection HERE of family photographs were donated by Dolores May Arias, great grand daughter of James Keir Hardie.

1915 Illustrated Guide to Cumnock

Member Sadie McNair donated this guide printed and published in Cumnock by James P Ballantine HERE

Sports People Gallery

New section on Footballers Tom McCall Smith, Archie Glenn and updates on Eric Caldow and George Burley HERE

Cumnock Carnival Gallery

Images added to the Cumnock Carnival Gallery HERE

New Newspaper Clippings Gallery

Donated by member Garry Savage and his mother from the Chronicle and also a downloadable edition of the Cumnock Express 14 Deceber 1943 by Alex Lennox HERE

New School Photos and Magazine Gallery

Group members Anne Griffiths and Sadie McNair have donated their Cumnock Academy School Magazines from1951-1955 and from 1963-1971. If you attended school then you might see yourself or some friends HERE

Cumnock People and Family History

The Cumnock Connections online family tree aims to record the family history of anyone connected at some point to Cumnock and link families together. The families of the WW1 soldiers are being added to it, as well as local dignitaries and the ordinary folk, miners, tradesmen and shopkeepers who formed the backbone of our community.

The tree can be viewed here and if any one wants to add their Cumnock ancestors, email

We remember Cumnock men and women who fought in World War One

The information has been gleaned from the War Memorial, Commonwealth War Graves Commission, censuses, family history records and old copies of the Cumnock Chronicle viewed on microfilm in the Burns Monument Centre in Kilmarnock. Men who fought and survived are being added as well as nurses and any other relevant stories. The editor would like to be able to include more photos of the soldiers and other memorabilia such as postcards or letters that the soldiers’ families might have. If you can help, please email

Please Email if you have anything for the site whether it's a story, photographs, information or ideas.

Site updated: August 26, 2014

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