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Cumnock Chronicle

Cumnock History Group

Cumnock History Group are a constituted Voluntary Group of people of all ages and from all walks of life who all share an interest in the history and heritage of Cumnock and how the past has influenced the present.

This month we have a few very interesting updates for you and we featured in a full page article in the Cumnock Chronicle. Download the article HERE

Menu Re-organisation

Don't panic if you can't find an old page. We re-organised the menu and moved the following pages:

WW1 + 2 Soldiers to PEOPLE, Covenantors to PEOPLE, Lodging Houses to PLACES, Cemeteries to PLACES, The Flush to PLACES, Added new menu ROADS to PLACES, Turnpike Roads to ROADS, Road to Crawford John to ROADS, and Railways to INDUSTRY.

Membership and Facebook

An online membership application page has also been added and we have teamed up with the Old Cumnock Facebook group managed by CHG member Garry Savage. Follow the Facebook link and join this popular and expanding group.

Cumnock Panorama

A large scale panoramic view of Cumnock by Alex Lennox taken from Crichton West Steeple in Ayr Road. You can download this file onto your desktop.

Memorabilia Gallery

Communion Tokens to Cumnock Burgh Tenants Handbook - see it all here.

School Days in Cumnock

School photos from Greenmill Primary - more to come from other schools in the next few days.

Joe Bain the Coalman

A small article on this once popular character and his horse Bobby!

Historic Cumnock Gallery

Beautiful never seen before photos from members Jim Barker, Sandra Faddes and Alex Lennox.

Postcard Gallery

Over 20 new postcards.

See the Famous before they were famous

Member Anne Griffiths shared a fantastic photo of actress and singer Lorraine McIntosh when she lived in Barshare.

Please Email if you have anything for the site whether it's a story, photographs, information or ideas.

Site updated: February 6, 2014

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