Views from Stepends bing

The Congregational church (bottom left) was built 1881-2 so this is no earlier than that. And the manse isn’t yet built and that was 1884. Going to say 1882.

The trees have grown since the previous. No spire of the Crichton West/Trinity church in Ayr road  so this could be no later than 1899 when the church was completed. A better view of Stepends House on the right,

There seems to be less foliage in front of the Congregational church, but it is not taken from exactly the same spot. The manse (1884) is visible.  The spire of Trinity church is also visible so at least 1899.There are now houses built in the Holm. They were there by 1905.

The colour was painted on. From Jim Johnstone’s collection.

About 1905  from

1937 James Valentine. Copyright undetermined. Image courtesy of University of St Andrews Library.

In this one the congregational church is almost completely obscured by trees and there are more houses in The Holm. Estimating  1940.


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