Templand ViaductTempland Viaduct was one of the great engineering feats on the Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock and Ayr line, which opened on 20th May 1850. It consists of 13 arches - the highest being 175 feet above the Lugar Water. The engineer was John Miller of the firm Miller and Grainger of Edinburgh. The viaduct - which takes its name from nearby Templands Farm - is still used by the Glasgow to Dumfries railway.


Glaisnock ViaductGlaisnock Viaduct was built c1872 when the Glasgow and South Western Railways built a second railway line through Cumnock. It consists of 13 arches - the tallest being 75 feet. The viaduct closed to trains in 1964.






Cumnock's two viaducts from the air.

Two viaducts