Cumnock Panorama

Townhead Street Panorama

The above shot is part of a large scale panoramic view of Cumnock taken before the Cumnock Bypass was built in 1992. You can download this file onto your desktop it’s just over 20mb in size. Download it HERE

CHG member Alex Lennox handed in these shots recently for publication on the site. In 1992 Alex had just purchased a new camera and he noticed that there was a steeplejack who was making repairs to the steeple of Crichton West Church in Ayr Road. He asked him to take these shots and this large scale pdf panorama is the result.

Put together from over 20 separate photos, there are a few segments missing, namely; between Glaisnock Street and Car Road; between Car Road and Ayr Road and between the Tanyard and the Square. Perhaps these segments will be found and we can complete this stunning view.

For you history buffs out there, you will be interested to note that there are still a few Old Cumnock landmarks still in existence at the time. Including: Cumnock Picture House, McCartney’s Engineering Works, Crichton Place and Cottages on Townhead Street, White’s The Bacon Curers at Greenholm Road, Houses and Timbermills and the Cumnock Working Man’s Club on Townhead Street.

If you zoom in to 300% you can even see people in the Street!