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A Reminiscence and Launch event will be held on Friday 13th January at 2pm in the Pavilion adjacent to Dumfries House in order to provide the setting for the project.

It will include illustrated talks about the archaeological excavations at the WWII Training & POW camp and a display of the finds; alongside a discussion of the history of Dumfries House during WWII.

The event will be open to all and would hope to reach 50 people. People with memories to share will be invited, alongside volunteers who wish to be involved in the oral history recording and historic research and members of the community who have an interest in Dumfries House and history, including staff from the house and people from the local area.

There will be an opportunity in the spring to visit the site of the archaeological excavations and see some of the surviving remains of the camp.

Artefacts recovered from the archaeological excavations at the WWII Training & POW camp will be used to stimulate people’s memories and discussion about life in the camp. All three research elements of this project will result in the recording and preservation of the past.

The oral history strand will generate c.15-20 unique testimonies from people who lived or worked in or near the WWII camp. We will digitally record their memories, experiences, stories and feelings during those important years before, during and immediately after WWII. The resulting archive will be retained at Dumfries House, with a copy donated to an authorised repository.

We will stage an open day at the end of the project in October to celebrate the work and launch its findings. We will deliver a series of talks and presentations about the project, what was learned in terms of research findings and skills development, and show what will happen to the records and project outputs. We will celebrate the friendships that we are sure will be formed during this project, and we will award training and project certificates to volunteers and respondents.

The event will feature exhibitions of: Oral history research and unique audio testimony; Original photographs of the project activities, volunteers and respondents; Archival images and documents copied or donated from our respondents’ personal collections; Archival images, documents and text generated via archival research; Personal artefacts borrowed from or donated by project respondents; Archaeological images, texts and documentation; Archaeological artefacts loaned by Addyman Archaeology.

In addition to the Launch Day exhibition, we will create a mobile exhibition containing a selection of previously noted materials. Both during and after the project, CHG members and other volunteers will take this into schools, libraries, museums and community centres.

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CHG members will stage public lectures and school presentations to further circulate project findings; here they will have access to the mobile exhibition and oral history archive - both audio and transcribed extracts; We will create a project page on the CHG website, containing a variety of project information, oral history audio, an ‘online museum collection’ and downloadable research materials.

We will design and print c.500 information leaflets to publicise the above noted research collections and additional outputs: the oral history archive, photographs, images, graphics, archaeology surveys and reports, websites and information packs, etc. Leaflets will be distributed to local schools, libraries, and community venues. PDF copies will be uploaded to the CHG website and other project related websites (inc. Oral History Research & Training Consultancy). Addyman Archaeology will submit an article to Archaeology Scotland promoting the project.

We will video document the project’s progress and activities; the edited film will be used to publicise the project and direct viewers to the research collections and outputs. The film will be screened at post-project events and uploaded to project-related websites.