Pennylands - Historic Research

Researching Resources


The volunteers - our History Champions, will conduct primary and secondary research focusing on the camp, the context within which it was established and its purpose altered, and the circumstances of its eventual demise.

We will explore, access and research local archives held at the Burns Monument Centre in Kilmarnock and/or at the Ayrshire Archives at Auchincruive. These include local Valuation Rolls, Cumnock Town Council Minutes, Burial records, Cumnock Chronicle; the local newspaper from the period, microfiche, and photographic files and/or documents.

Online, we will access records held by Scotland’s People, National Newspaper Archive, Canmore, Scotland’s Places, Secret Scotland, Radio Marconi, SCAN and any other organisations that will assist us.

Training in research and recording techniques will be provided by Bobby Grierson and Kay McMeekin from Cumnock History Group over a series of 2 hours training workshops held at the Baird Museum research room in Cumnock.
In addition to this training there will be opportunity for learning about Dumfries House and its history, particularly during WWII. This will be led by The Great Steward of Scotland's Dumfries House Trust Curator, Thomas Breckney. This will provide our history champions with the wider background to the project and why and how large country estates such as Dumfries House were requisitioned during wartime.

The experiences of the staff at the house during WWII and of people in Cumnock will be explored alongside experiences of those in the WWII camp, as a training camp, a prisoner of war camp and later as a resettlement camp. This will reunite the different aspects of the wartime heritage of the area and reinforce the connection of Dumfries House to the town of Cumnock.


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